Friday, December 9, 2011

1st or 20th, it doesn't matter.

I'm heartbroken for Michelle Duggar and the death of her 20th child.  I'm not going to call it a miscarriage, because she was far enough along that she will have to go through labor and delivery.   Her baby will be stillborn.  It makes me so sad.

But what makes me so sick over it is the horrifying comments she's getting.  Like, "it's what she gets for getting pregnant again."  I have to admit, the idea of that many kids seems a little crazy to me, and I really did worry about her health and the health of her baby after the complications of her last pregnancy.  But nobody deserves this.  It's not for the best when a baby dies.

My loss was my first, and futher along than hers.  But that doesn't mean that Cora's death was any more tragic or that I have a right to my pain any more.

I wish people would stop being so hateful.  No mother deserves this.

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