Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There is life

I was watching Bambi II with my rainbows the other day.  I'd never really paid attention to it before, but I was laying on the couch with nothing else taking my attention.

So there's a song, between when Bambi's mom dies and the spring reappears, and it really struck me.  It's called "There Is Life"

Under the snow,
beneath the frozen streams,
there is life.
You have to know
when natures sleeps, 

she dreams there is life
And colder the winter,
the warmer the spring,
the deeper the sorrow,
the more our hearts sing
Even when you can't see it
Inside everything
There is life

After the rain,
the sun will reappear
there is life
After the pain,
the joy will still be here
There is life
For it's out of the darkness
that we learn to see
And out of the silence that sound come to be
And all that we dream of awaits patiently
There is life

There is life

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