Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 weeks (pregnancy mentioned)

Tomorrow I'll be 36 weeks pregnant.  That gives me 2 weeks to the fateful day in my pregnancy with Cora.  I fell asleep the night of 38 weeks, and woke up to no response.  I have 3 weeks until my induction (23 days actually).

I keep trying to keep my mind off it, but part of me feels like a ticking bomb.  Like all I have left with Allison is 2 weeks.  I made it past 38 weeks with Patrick, all the way to 39 weeks and 3 days.  I keep telling myself that.  Patrick made it here, safe and sound.  He's healthy and happy.  Allison can make it to 39 weeks.

But I close my eyes and I see that fateful ultrasound showing Cora's still heart.  And I can feel Cora's still body in my arms.  And I dread it.

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  1. I wish I could give you *hugs* in person my friend.
    <3 you bunches!