Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cora's songs

A fellow angel mother Courtney described it as "listening with the ears of a grieving mother."  It's interesting that I totally hear songs differently now.  I noticed it first with a Josh Groban song (To Where You Are). I've loved that song since it first came out, but when I first heard it, I understood it as a man grieving for a dead lover.  It was sad, no doubt.  But shortly after I lost Cora I was over at a friend's house, and she had that CD on.  The words struck me to the core because they fit so very perfectly.

Since then I have compiled a list of "Cora songs," which is why I have a playlist on this blog even though playlists on blogs irritate me (I usually have something else going on so I have to scramble to find the list to pause it).  I wanted to share my songs with you.  Some of them are obviously about the death of a child, some are just being apart from someone you love.  All of them speak the words of my soul.  So please, if you have a moment, listen to a song or two.

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