Thursday, September 9, 2010

Major life events make me think...

...about how lucky I am.  My older brother got married this last Saturday, and we traveled down to Vegas to be with my family.  The newlyweds have been dating for, well, ever it seems, and I'm so glad that she's finally officially my sister-in-law.  As I sat at the table at the reception (when I wasn't up dancing) I got to just watch my family.  Everyone was just happy.  We've seen our fair share of hardships and tragedies.  The last few months has actually been really hard for my family.  But at that particular time we were able to set aside our sadnesses and just celebrate.

I don't know if I'd appreciate the good times as much if I hadn't had the bad ones.  Would I really, truly, appreciate dancing with Erin as much if I didn't have the disappointment (to put it mildly) of not dancing with Cora?

I don't know.  But I know I do love those moments where I can just forget it all and be happy.

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