Friday, July 30, 2010

Is it possible to miss a place this much?

It's been nearly 2 years since I last visited Jenny Lake.  I suppose that it makes sense that I would miss the lake itself so much, I miss it nearly as much as I miss Cora.  But really, I miss the feeling there.  I miss the contented peace, the feeling of home, and the closest to being complete as I could and can ever be.
I ache to go back.  I suppose, maybe it's because I physically can go visit Jenny Lake again someday, and I won't actually be able to hold Cora again.  Not in this life anyway.
I want my rainbows to grow to understand what Jenny Lake means to me, and to love it too.  I want them to not only appreciate it's geographical beauty but also its spiritual beauty.
I want to go back.  Oh how I want to go back.  To just sit on a rock in the sun with my feet in the cold water and be close to Cora.  I want it so much right now that it almost physically hurts.
I miss my baby girl.


  1. i love you girl, but i am shutting down my jm and blogger except for charlies page. love yiou you can email me at

  2. *hugs* Missing your sweet girl with you.