Tuesday, January 4, 2011


There's a song that comes on my Pandora by Christopher Cross called "When You Think of Laura."  The chorus says: When you think of Laura, laugh, don't cry. I know she'd want it that way.

Last night it came on, and I wasn't really paying attention, and I heard "When you think of Cora."

I was having a hard day yesterday, and I needed my little girl, and she made herself known.  I love that she sends me little messages.

A dear friend of mine says she's sure that our separation is hard for Cora too, and that she misses me as much as I miss her.  I feel that too, and that's why she sends me these little messages and comes for visits.  She knows how hard pregnancy is on me and I always feel her around more often.  She's been so close lately.  

I think her siblings can feel her, too.  The other day, Erin started randomly talking about the things on Cora's shelf.  Her picture, the picture of Daddy holding her, her handprint, and Patrick looked up and clearly said her name. The first time he's ever said it.  But it comforts me to know that they know she's here too.

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  1. Oh Cora, such a sweet little girl. I'm so glad she sends you messages like that. What a beautiful thing <3