Thursday, February 3, 2011

Confessions of a Grieving Parent

There is a facebook group call "Chicken Soup for the Angel Mommy and Daddy's Soul" that I love.  Lately they've been doing "Confessions of a Grieving Parent" and I find them amazing.  They're like the "post secrets" that have been really popular, where people anonymously email in their secrets and they're posted in a postcard-type form.  These are things that we think as angel parents, but that we don't say to others because they wouldn't be considered "socially appropriate."

One was posted today, the parent was afraid that there was no afterlife and they'd never really see their angel again.  They said something along the lines that they're afraid to die because they're afraid to discover it isn't true.

It made me think....what if it's not true?  I came to the conclusion that if there's no afterlife, then I won't know it. My last conscious living thought will be my last, so how would I ever know it wasn't true?

Therefore, I chose to hold on to that belief for the hope it gives me.  If it's not true, and I never see her again, then I want to die hoping that I will.  I want my last thought to be one of hoping to hold my baby girl again.  And since I DO believe it is true, then I will have all that joy of actually getting to see her again.  But if won't matter.  I will have had that hope to get me through this life.

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