Friday, May 28, 2010

So similar

My rainbow baby girl will be turning 3 in 10 days.  I've been going through her newborn pictures, and it really just hit me how much Erin looks like Cora.  Which helps, when I wonder what Cora would look like.  I just imagine Erin with red curly hair.  Maybe I can get Husband to do work some photoshop magic and put red hair on Erin so I can REALLY see it.

But it's not that that gets me the most.  I wish I could have gotten to know who Cora was.  Erin and Patrick look very similar and are very very very different, so I can only assume that Cora would have been very different from them too.

I always felt she would have been stubborn, but beyond that?  How can you know from kicks and wiggles in the womb what a child would have really been like?  This is the hardest part for me.

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