Friday, June 4, 2010

I need a little help

Photobucket stripped the music off the memorial video I made for Cora.  So I want to make another one.  Only, I'd like to include more of the impact she's made AFTER she was born, so if any of you so feel, could you take a picture of her name somehow?  It doesn't have to be in sand or on a flower, just any way you feel like.  If you could then email it to brcannady (at) gmail (dot) com I'd really appreciate it.

I'm making some more of  my own too.
I love this one.  I love that Erin is in it.


  1. :) I'm Candace, a friend of Adi's & will for sure get a picture for you! ((hugs))

  2. I do 'written in Heaven' for my mama friends. I can take a picture of any sky or wait till July 1st or 2nd (on Cora's monthversary) I didn't know how soon you wanted them, so just let me know. <3

  3. you've got the ones i've made