Sunday, June 27, 2010

the zoo

I don't know that I can readily explain the love I have for zoos.  I just adore them though.   It's one of those things that I love sharing with my living children, that I just ache that I can't share with Cora.

The Denver zoo has a carousel, and you can "adopt" one of the animals.  With your adoption fee, you can choose which animal that you want and they will put a plaque above your animal (where the post goes into the ceiling).  Of the ones that have been adopted already, most of the plaque are in memory of someone.

I would love to do that.  The plaque would say "In Memory of Cora Rei, born sleeping May 2, 2006.  For all the zoo trips we never got to take."

But the smallest adoption fee is $5000.  I don't have $5000 to spare, and if I did, it would probably go towards paying of credit cards/car/student loans, or as part of a down payment for a house.

Maybe someday.

I just want something that will stand after I'm gone, to tell the world that she was here.  That's why I wish so much we'd been in a place where we could have buried her, to have given her a headstone.  So that people could pass by, and see that once upon a time there was a little girl named Cora Rei, whose parents loved her dearly and miss her every single day.

Maybe someday.

Until then...I'll write her name on flowers (this was a lily at the zoo)

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  1. Such a great idea. I love it. Maybe you could do some sort of fund raiser in her memory.