Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Someone noticed my car sticker

So, I was putting gas in my car today, when a lady walked over. I was wearing my Walk to Remember tshirt, which she recognized. She gingerly said hello, told me she had a shirt just like mine, and then asked me where I got my window sticker.

I wanted to cry and hug her, just knowing that she needed one too.

But I just told her where I got it, and we stood there for a moment with tears in our eyes, and then the gas pump shut down because my car was full and it was all over. She walked back to her car and I finished up getting my receipt and such.

*sigh* Poor lady. I wish I knew her name.


  1. Its amazing where you can make connections. Before losing our daughter I would have never looked at the woman next to me pumping gas and thought.."I wonder is she ever lost a baby?". I do that now. The shirt & sticker say something about the awareness that is being shed.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's nice to commemorate someone's life through car stickers. This inspired me to make one for my late father. Thank you for this post.

    -Leisa Dreps