Friday, January 8, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I don't think I can describe how touched I am that I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Brandy.  When I comment on other angel mommy blogs, it's usually because it helps me feel not quite so alone to know that others are feeling the same things.  I've been an angel mommy longer than many of my new friends, and hope to give a little bit of hope that time does temper the grief.

Anyway, the rules are to state 7 facts about you and then to nominate 7 others. 

1:  My favorite color is purple.  More specifically lavender (but not the pinky lavender.  Lavender that is an even blend of baby pink and baby blue.  I guess I could call it pale purple. lol) More recently though I am coming to really enjoy that color of orangey pink (coral?) that you only really see in sunsets or sunrises.

2. Until we moved to the Denver area, I never really considered Denver on my "places to live" list.  But I think it's my perfect place. lol

3.  From the time I was young, I wanted 5 children.  I wanted at least 2 of each, and disliked even numbers.  there are 7 in my family grown up and that seemed like TOO MANY, so 5 seemed perfect.  Only now, we have to figure out if Cora "counts" or not.  I think we've decided that she does, so we're planning on 2 more, which would leave me with 4 living children...and icky even number. =Þ

4.  If it were left totally up to me, only Cora would have the same name.   I'm not nearly as fond of Erin's and Patrick's names...but I got to bring them home, so I'm okay with that.

5.  I'm fairly crafty, but I consider myself mediocre.  I scrapbook, paint ceramics, sew, crochet and have recently taken up cross stitching again.  But I'm ALWAYS surprised when my projects actually turn out okay.

6.  I teach the 13-year-old Sunday School class at my church and LOVE it.  (I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints [Mormon])

7. I love taking naps in the afternoon, and massive mugs of hot chocolate in the morning.

As for my nominations here goes
3. Nat
4. Jenny
5. Amy

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