Sunday, January 10, 2010

When it happens to a friend.

When I was trying to conceive (TTC) Erin, I met a really sweet lady on the Trying To Conceive After Loss section of the forum I'm on.  She was so very sweet to me, and I hope I helped her.  Her rainbow baby after her miscarriage just turned one.

She was pregnant and due at the beginning of February of this year with a little boy.  Yesterday she was rushed to the ER after she stood up, felt a sharp pain and collapsed.  They did an emergency csection but little Charlie did not survive, and she nearly died herself.

I'm gutted.  It's one thing when I meet women after their losses.  That hurts enough.

But when it's a friend?  This hurts.  It seems so much closer to home.


  1. I am so very sorry to read this. We know her pain. It breaks my heart to think back to the beginning & know thats what that family is feeling right now. I am glad she has you to help her down this road.

  2. Brittanie,
    I am sorry...I will definately be praying for her and her family. And I know what you mean about it hitting so close to home...I am at this moment waiting for a phone call from my BF to see if her baby has anecephaly...not a fun thing, it's one thing for it to happen to us, but I feel so cheated that someone I love is going to possibly go through this...

  3. Oh no! :( So very sad. I'm so sorry Brittanie. And please let your friend know we are thinking of her and praying for her.