Saturday, January 30, 2010

On the elasticity of time.

According to my ticker, it's been 3 years, 8 months and 4 weeks since I said goodbye to my Cora.  Thinking back to it, sometimes it seems like an entire lifetime ago.  Sometimes, though, it seems like just yesterday.  Nearly 4 years.  That seems like an eternity...I've felt every second of that separation.  And's gone by so quickly.  Like I blinked and 4 years went by.

4 years ago this month (January 10th) we had our "big" ultrasound.  Cora was sitting with her rump in my pelvis with the cord between her legs (and around her neck already, but they didn't ever mention that), so we couldn't confirm her gender.  We could see her entire spine, and both thigh bones, but not her gender. We got great shots of all the body parts, heart, lungs, brain, face, feet...but not what I wanted to know most.

And no matter what we tried, she would NOT move.

I said to Matt, "Okay, this proves it.  She's a girl, and she's a redhead.  Nothing else would be this stubborn."

4 weeks later my OB snuck me in to the room with the older machine and "took a quick peek."  She had turned head down and was spread-eagled and it was more than obvious that she was a girl.  I was more than thrilled that we would get our Cora.  And that I was right.

I was right about the red hair too.

I decided, a couple months after she died, when I was relating that story to someone, that she had been stubborn because she knew I'd want a story to tell about her.  She was letting me know a little of who she was.

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  1. I like to think she was too. Just giving her mama a little glimmer of her personality. x