Friday, January 22, 2010

No wonder doctors don't want to tell women about it!

Pregnant women get mean when you tell them their baby could die.

For the record, I was never that kind.  I would have definitely appreciated knowing that stillbirths still happened, and that kick counts (while obviously not foolproof) could be used to prevent it.  I fully believe that if I had been kick counting I would have known there was something wrong with enough surety to act on it.

I mean, I knew something was wrong, but I decided I was just "freaking out" and so decided to wait until the next morning and the next morning she was dead.

Try to give that information to a group of pregnant women and teeth and claws come out.  Which is probably why the nurses I have talked to have said that they "don't want to freak out the expectant mothers." 

I'm really proud of my sister for trying to raise awareness for something that not only affected me, but that affected her too.  I didn't just lose a daughter that day, she lost a niece (one that she already had a profound connection with), and has done several things to try to raise awareness.  She didn't deserve being attacked, and I just want to publicly thank her for being so awesome!


  1. Again, I know it's an older post, but no one ever mentioned doing kick counts. My doctor asked me toward the end if I was doing them and I was like huh? But that was it. I found something about it briefly in one of my books but had never heard of it so never had any idea either. I am just horrified by all of the things I was never informed of. It makes me sick the number of BLM's I have found who have had it happen in the last 6 months. You would think they would much rather save a life than be sued?