Monday, December 20, 2010

Pregnancy mentioned

I just wanted to let everyone know here that I got a positive pregnancy test this morning.  Most of my pregnancy goings-on will be documented on my other blog, but if my previous two pregnancies are any clue, I'm going to be really emotional and fearful at times, and it feels like this would be a better place for that, since it really is Cora related.  I'll try to have a warning in the title though.

My due date is hard to explain to people.  "September 2nd, but we'll be inducing early, so end of August."  I should probably just say "end of August," right?  I hate trying to explain to people why I'm already planning on inducing.  Especially when they're very pro-natural-birth.  I can't explain the panic attacks and the nightmares.

With Patrick I had decided I wanted to go into labor on my own.  I made it to 39w3d before completely losing it when talking to my OB.  My blood pressure had been steadily rising with each appointment (not dangerously, but enough to show a lot of stress), and she said that she could tell how stressed I was as each appointment came and went (I was going 2x a week), and with the nightmares it was just getting out of hand.  She reminded me that going into labor, while a good thing, probably didn't have enough benefits to warrant the amount of stress I was enduring.

So I don't plan on doing it again.  Even if it's an induction at 39 weeks instead of 38, I think I can handle a week past my loss point if I know when it's going to happen.

Anyway, needless to say I'm very excited and extremely terrified all at once.  *deep breaths*  What will be will be.  I'm just going to celebrate every second I have with my little Skittles.

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