Friday, December 10, 2010

Really disgusted.

I try not to get too overly political.  Or even overly religious (but, I'm a very religious person so that obviously leaks out here).  I try not to be too judgmental or hateful.  But this really sickens me.  Westboro Baptist Church has been protesting funerals for quite a while, and I think that's disgusting, but this particular one has hit me so hard because of their reasons.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Churchare planning to disrupt Edwards' funeral Saturday, saying the wife of formerSenator John Edwards is "going to hell" because she admitted to doubting her faith when her oldest son died in 1996.

Really?  Guess what....I doubted my faith when my daughter died too.  I felt betrayed by a Being who was supposed to not only be all-powerful, but infinitely just and merciful and loving too.  And how was Cora's death any of those things?  It took me a long time.  It was actually only months, but it felt like eternity.

Maybe it's just because this hits so close to home that it upsets me.  It upsets more than I would have expected it to.

I don't consider these people Christian.  They are probably one of the least Christlike groups of people I can think of.


  1. Seriously, these people make me SICK. Who does stuff like that? Wow .. I'm so upset over this. =*( her poor family

  2. Look at all the people in the bible who questioned their faith, who asked God to give them a sign. Great faith is going through the waivering yet coming out of it knowing He is who He says He is. That makes strong faith. Christianity is not how hard or long you belive, it's that you choose every day to belive in Him, take Jesus in your heart, pickup your cross and follow Him. Sadly, the protesters are forgetting what Christ stood for most of all: Love.