Sunday, December 26, 2010

redheads and angels

I teach in the primary Sunday school in my church.  The class that Cora would be in actually sits in front of mine during our sharing time, before we split to individual classes. ((The first Sunday I started teaching was actually Cora's birthday, and when I realized that was the class she should be in...that was hard.))  Today that class had a visitor.  Well, they had 3, but there was one little girl in particular.  She was sitting right in front of me, and she had the most gorgeous red ringlets.  I had a hard time both not staring at her, and not crying.  Over and over my mind kept saying "That should be Cora.  That should be Cora."  It really made me miss her.

And this evening I decided I should get some cards made while I'm still feeling decent.  We have 3 good friends due before the end of February.  So I pulled out my mini acrylic "new baby" stamps.  I've never really looked at them before.  One of them said "our sweet little angel."  I admit, I pulled it off and threw it away.  I'm never going to use it.  I just don't have that reference anymore.

I have a sweet little angel.  I cannot use that term for Erin or Patrick (they don't have clothes that use that phrase on it).  Cora's my angel.  I envy people who can call babies angels and have no reason to cringe at the word.

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